Our Services

We improve the materials from the Investor Relations department, helping our clients to efficiently transmit their investment thesis, strategy and results. We aim to enhance the market’s perception of the company, boosting its value and increasing its trading volume.


  • Company strengths and advantages analysis.
  • Answer: why invest in us?
  • Corporate presentation support.


  • Kick-off meeting with top management to understand results.
  • Support in design, writing and editing of quarterly report.
  • Support in writing and editing of script and presentation for earnings call.
  • Earnings call organization.
  • Preparation for potential questions during the call.
  • Post quarter-end market perception study.


  • Annual report.
  • Annual statement.
  • Relevant events and press releases.
  • Fact sheet.
  • Support in producing materials for roadshows and conferences.


  • Website diagnostics.
  • Structure assessment.
  • Biweekly check and audit.


  • Perception studies.
  • Weekly reports of key financial metrics based on a group of peers.
  • Monthly monitoring of share price evolution and marketability.
  • Identification and targeting of potential investors.


  • Event theme.
  • Presentation development support.
  • Event logistics.


  • On a continuous basis, Miranda-IR provides advice regarding the possible reaction of the market to decisions that the company may make.


  • Full activity calendar with goals and milestones defined.
  • Development of investment thesis and storytelling of the Company.
  • Corporate presentation development for initial investors.
  • Mock presentations and communication training for C-Level employees.
  • Hybrid or fully online roadshow, with script and calls organization via Zoom.

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